6 How to Make a Better Sex Tape Than Kim Kardashian

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Who available to you likes to watch on their own have sex? (who willn’t?) Closet mirrors, decorative mirrors about roof, bathroom mirrors – all are perfect looking locations to obtain more turned-on during a solo, partnered or group sexual experience.

1. Trust your associates with that you tend to be recording.

2. Utilize a high-quality camera.

The camera make use of must have great battery pack and large memory capacity. You do not need your camera shutting off after a quarter-hour if you wish to tape a longer period.

A pleasant camera may also get gentler noises and have exceptional image quality.

“If you’re nervous, keep consitently the remainder

of the environment equivalent.”

3. Make sure you hit record!

4. Position the camera well.

5. Keep your atmosphere since regular possible.

6. Use a tripod.


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